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Pedro Alves

Founder and CEO
Pedro has experience in predicting, analyzing and visualizing data in the fields of: genomics, gene networks, cancer metastasis, insurance fraud/costs, hospital readmissions, soccer strategies, joint injuries, social graphs, human attraction, spam detection, topic modeling and computer vision among others. Pedro is incredibly passionate about all aspects of AI and is constantly creating new techniques and algorithms to suit the problems at hand. Pedro also has a strong attraction to the basics, which can be forgotten easily these days, such as the scientific method and just looking at the data. Recently his efforts were geared towards detecting and interpreting everything that is happening in the world in real-time, from major concerts and sporting events to major and minor news using deep learning. Currently Pedro has decided to begin a startup with the main goal of changing AI in order to help it deliver on its promises.

My Speakers Sessions

Friday, June 9

5:00pm PDT